A nerdy, Star Wars, Wonder Woman loving bride

– AND –

a heavy metal, geeky, programmer groom

Good booze, good food and two “I do’s”

Good Things Take Time.  We should know.

We have {finally} gotten through our alpha/beta testing and since you were witness to our many iterations, we request the pleasure of your company to witness us going gold.

November 11, 2017

Our amazing story captured through the years.

It has all led up to this moment.

Please Respond By October 29th 
or be subject to at least 4 forms of communication to hassle you

We Kindly and Respectfully Request No Children

Although we love your children, we regretfully cannot accommodate all of them due to a *very* limited budget. We hope you will see this as an opportunity to let your hair down without worry of little eyes and ears and enjoy the occasion with us!